jueves, marzo 06, 2014


1.        I`m yellow and very big. I´m a star but you can´t see me at night. I´m very important. You don´t need a telescope to watch me.
Who am I?                               THE SUN

2.       I´m in the Earth. I´m not in the space. In the moon you float because I´m not there.
Who am I?                       GRAVITY

3.       Aliens live inside me but you can´t watch at me. I live in the Universe and sometimes I visit the Earth.
Who am I?             UFO

4.      I travel to the Universe. I´m from the Earth. Some astronauts live inside me. I am very big.
Who am I?          A ROCKET

5.       I´m too black
And also big.
If you see me
You will scream.
Who am I?           THE BLACK HOLE

6.      I´m a very cold planet.
I´m very far from the sun.
I´m between Neptune and Saturn.
I´m the eight planet from the sun.
Who am I?          URANUS

7.      I´m orange and brown and a little red.
I´m a planet without rings.
I´m the biggest planet in our solar system
And you can see me in the space.
Who am I?            JUPITER

                                                                  Children of 6ºB

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