jueves, abril 18, 2013

Un gran cuento, en inglés


Last week we had a wonderful surprise in our class. Violeta’s mum came to tell us a funny story, the mixed-up chameleon by Eric Carle.
It was a story about Mr. Chameleon who HAD A WISH: to be like other animals in the zoo.
He saw a polar bear, an elephant, a seal, a flamingo, a giraffe, a fish, a turtle and people.
His wishes came true but HE WASN’T HAPPY at the end he realized that it was better to be oneself and then HE WAS HAPPY.
We enjoyed very much with this story and also we learnt something very important: no matter what you are and what you look like because the very important thing is TO BE YOURSELF.
Thanks Carmen for this wonderful story you are a great storyteller.

                                                                                      5ºA AND 5ºB CLASSES

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